I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Warwick, followed by Fine Art at Bristol School of Art, and now split my time between writing nature articles for the BBC, painting, illustrating books and raising a young family.

Our home lies in the formidable limestone shadow of the Mendips. In winter great flocks of finches pour down from the hills like tiny multicoloured iron- `filings to the naked tree branches in our garden, while in summer the beds are a riot of colour with plants we have grown from seed. British birds and flowering plants inspire my art; I love their strength of form and patterns. The Jacob sheep in my paintings have also been friends since childhood. Time spent gardening throws up ideas which are then worked into compositions over a hot coffee and a mug of pencils back in the studio, where the floor boards are painted as green as the surrounding hills.

She uses oil paints which have great depth and versatility. The palette, subject and forms come together to make a very striking but unfussy piece of art that is beguiling.
Rostra Gallery, Bath

In spring the tight locks of Hyacinths unfurl to release their heady scent, whilst autumn brings quiet days of damp where a purple skirt of bruised leaves lie under every denuded tree. I enjoy elaborating on these little moments in ordinary life and seek celebration of the simple things.